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Greetings Citizen Members and Initiates of the Illuminatiam!


Council 22 is a internationally diverse committee of highly social Illuminati Initiates, who have volunteered to welcome, and help orient new Citizen Members to our ever expanding Illuminatiam family. While we are HaPpy to point to the resources that will assist an Initiate in their journey, we do not take them by the hand, and pull them down the path. 

As seekers of unification, we feel called to play an active role in the New World Order. We have chosen to do so by helping our newest Citizen Members better understand IAMs principles and ideals in a way which will help them apply them to their lives.

Towards this end, Council 22 is a LIVE demonstration of the teachings found in “Illuminatiam”, The First Testament of the Illuminati”. Initiates can witness the practical application of IAMs core values (or the lack thereof), by the behavior of those participating in this committee.

Additionally, this pyramid shines a spotlight on seasoned Initiates, who have expressed a desire to further their leadership skills. Each c22 leader mentors their replacements, however we do not mentor Initiates outside the Network.

Unfortunately, not all of our members have understood what the Illuminati has taught. This LIVE demonstration is not a guarantee that that folks will comprehend the Illuminati materials any better. But it will show with clarity, who does, and who doesn’t.

This Council shines a Light on it ALL, for the edification, of the discerning.

 This committee does not necessarily agree with, nor do we specifically endorse, the management and/or leadership styles of any, or all who participate.  It is up to our viewing audience to decide, which styles they disagree with, or admire.  It is our ultimate aim that out of the variety of people who will serve this body over time, there will be useful styles and strategies to emulate from watching those who have held leadership positions on Council 22. 

The situation here on c22 is fluid, frustrating & fun!

Please note: This project & it’s process will press you! Do not consider joining this Pyramid, if you are not ready to be tested by your peers.

Leadership is not a path everyone must take to be on the road to greatness~


Council 22  -Circa 2017




To learn more about the organization we follow, and how you can get involved, please click the link below for the Official Illuminati links~




This is NOT an officially recognized Illuminati website. It was created by Initiates for Initiates.


You are invited to join us for interesting conversation at:

Illuminati Avenue


We strive to keep folks safe from all manner of scamming that occurs in, and around all Initiates in this organization  🕷 We utilize an unseen team, lead by Initiate Brad Adams, CSO  of Sec 77, to help us accomplish that goal.