Greetings Citizen Members and Initiates of the Illuminatiam!


Council 22 is a internationally diverse committee of Illuminati Initiates, who have volunteered to welcome, and help orient new Citizen Members to our ever expanding Illuminatiam family. While we are HaPpy to point to the resources that will assist an Initiate in their journey, we do not take them by the hand, and pull them down the path. 

As seekers of unification, we feel called to play an active role in the New World Order. We have chosen to do so by helping our newest Citizen Members better understand IAMs principles and ideals in a way which will help them apply them to their lives.

Towards this end, Council 22 is a LIVE demonstration of the teachings found in “Illuminatiam”, The First Testament of the Illuminati”. Initiates can witness the practical application of IAMs core values (or the lack thereof), by the behavior of those participating in this committee.

Additionally, this pyramid shines a spotlight on seasoned Initiates, who have expressed a desire to further their leadership skills. Each c22 leader mentors their replacements, however we do not mentor Initiates outside the Network.

Unfortunately, not all of our members have understood what the Illuminati has taught. This LIVE demonstration is not a guarantee that that folks will comprehend the Illuminati materials any better. But it will show with clarity, who does, and who doesn’t.

This Council shines a Light on it ALL, for the edification, of the discerning.

 This committee does not necessarily agree with, nor do we specifically endorse, the management and/or leadership styles of any, or all who participate.  It is up to our viewing audience to decide, which styles they disagree with, or admire.  It is our ultimate aim that out of the variety of people who will serve this body over time, there will be useful styles and strategies to emulate from watching those who have held leadership positions on Council 22.


The situation here on c22 is fluid, frustrating & fun!


Please note: This project & it’s process will press you! Do not consider joining this Pyramid, if you are not ready to be tested by your peers.

Leadership is not a path everyone must take, to be on the road to greatness~


Council 22  -Circa 2017




To learn more about the organization we follow, and how you can get involved, please click the link below for the Official Illuminati links~





This is NOT an officially recognized Illuminati website. It was created by Initiates for Initiates.


You are invited to join us for interesting conversation at:

Illuminati Avenue


We strive to keep folks safe from all manner of scamming that occurs in, and around all Initiates in this organization  🕷 We utilize an unseen team, lead by Initiate Brad Adams, CSO  of Sec 77, to help us accomplish that goal.

This is a great job you guys are doing to help us realize our strength and knowledge. I can easily say no one shall again stay blind asking himself thousands of questions as long as this Council is active with powerful people like you. Even I myself I’m thankful for your dedication and contribution in educating us about various things we couldn’t get answer about.
This is an amazing job.
We all appreciate.

isaac ochamotieno

A big fan of c22


I was like so many others searching for more fulfillment, answers to the vast Universe and this Divine being that allegedly lived somewhere up in the sky. After years of being left empty by the modern-day, secular religions I began researching, learning and even practicing so many different “flavors” of belief systems I really began to lose myself and what my true goal was. This search for divine love, oneness and even acceptance had begun to seem hopeless and far more exasperating than I had EVER imagined so, I gave up for many years. I began to do my OWN THING AND IN MY OWN WAY, FOR ME…NOBODY-ELSE! After some years of STILL feeling empty and even MORE lost I started doing something that my Great-Grandmother use to do and that I had read about in numerous books—meditation. I would just sit and think. Over the years I met more and more people who would go on to help me fine tune this ideology and add even more insight to what I was doing in a more real way. IT WAS AMAZING! I had FINALLY found my oneness with the Divine, love and acceptance or so I thought. It wasn’t until after a chain of life-events that began to push me out of my “metaphysically-perfect world”, I found myself back in a whole different area of the United States and with a whole new world of emotions and thoughts. I began to have those feelings of losing myself again, being disassociated and alone…VERY ALONE! I discovered that it wasn’t just Divine love and acceptance that I was looking for but that from PEOPLE ALSO; I WAS FLOODED WITH A WHOLE NEW GAMMET OF EMOTIONS BUT THIS TIME THERE WERE NO OTHER PEOPLE AROUND TO PICK ME UP…NOT YET. I was still trying to cling to the ideology I had taught myself and learned from others but slowly began to search for “something to spice it up”. I had heard of the Illuminati but that was NOT what I was actively searching for. Late one night, a Facebook message alarmed on my phone—IT WAS AN ILLUMINATI AGENT OR WHAT WE NOW KNOW AS A SCAMMER! I did the same thing that numerous others have done; I gave out my personal information. No, I did NOT send them money because fortunately for me my intuition and deductive reasoning skills kicked in and quickly was able to see some MAJOR flaws that just didn’t feel right. They were rude, aggressive and verbally aggressive to the point of even making severe threats and this snapped me into action. I began fervently searching EVERYTHING about the Illuminati and somehow stumbled upon the www.illuminatiofficial.org website, read it and after a little deliberation, I entered my information on the site and THANK ALL THE POWERS THAT BE THAT I DID! I ordered an Oath for my wall last June and signed it on July 1, 2018 and have slowly but surely persisted and met some very wise and encouraging mentors, leaders and new family!

I believe that I joined Council-22 last September and ever since then I have learned even more about our Illuminatiam, how to present myself better to others, the importance of being persistent and not giving up, how social media works, TRUE time-management and how to step into a leadership role. It has been a very exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience but my life and my Oath to the betterment and advancement of the human species ALWAYS find a way to balance out. I am very proud, honored and grateful to serve with my fellow brothers and sisters of the light on Council 22 and look forward to the exciting future that we will cultivate not only for ourselves but for everyone-else as well!   

Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller