Apex Advisory Board



Our Apex Advisory Board, is comprised of former C22 Capstone Leadership.

After honorably & impeccably completing their term of service, those who have held Capstone positions, are invited to participate on this advisory board. This position is permanent, so long as the members remain active and in good standing with c22 and the other members of this Board.

This team is responsible for maintaining the tone and integrity of the C22 mission, while advising & supporting Council 22s Capstone Leads & mentoring General Managers through transition, hardship or illness. Additionally, Apex has projects of their own in development or underway, that encourage the participation of other Initiates.

We are not involved in the day to day operation of the Council and all questions, comments & feedback regarding C22 specifically, should be directed to Richard Scherer or Christine Cruz.

Thank you!!


 iVy Taroc



C22 Founder/Capstone Lead 2017 /Webmaster/Apex Advisory Board 2018/Executive Apex Chair 2017-2018

V continues to be active with c22. Her primary role, advising the Capstone through transition.She is the source of “Growing Pains” and was the contributing editor & producer for “Facets of Light”,  the Initiates of the Illuminati’s essay collection. V considers herself an emerging evangeLight, who’s only stating purpose -is to help folks find The Illuminati and follow the Light.  She is the sole owner and Chief Operation Lioness at iMark Radio.

Twitter: @iVyTaroc    Email: voxstar@yahoo.com



Pep Barretta


Ambassador of Initiates/Linguistics/Capstone Executive Director of Development 2017/Apex Advisory Board Team Mentor

Peppe predates Council 22, when the Beta Test for Linguistics (Ambassador of Initiates) was initiated under the direction of V,  by former c22 member Brother White. Many of c22s best and brightest have come from A of I, which is no longer affiliated with c22.

Peppe has served this council faithfully and honorably, in every position he has held. We are VERY fortunate to have him as a continued resource on Apex!

Twitter: @PepBarretta   Email: barrettapeppe@gmail.com



King Richard Henry


GM of Social Relations/Capstone Ex Dir of Communications 2017/Apex Advisory Board Team Mentor

Richard Henry was the first GM of Social Relations and is the founder of the Social Relations of the Illuminati group. He always takes the time to answer the questions of others and has exceptional & eloquent writing that is able to help anyone learn more knowledge and wisdom. Since the opening of the portal, he has worked tirelessly as one of the leaders of the portal to spread knowledge and wisdom, answer questions and create helpful threads for other initiates
every single day.
Additionally, Richard is the administrating caretaker of C22s new Swag Shop! He has written a number of books and songs which can be found on the iMark website.



Please note: V manages and maintains the web resources for Council 22. If you would like to have your Testimonial added to these pages, or have comments and/or suggestions regarding the material presented, please submit them via  CONTACT US.


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