Quote by Initiate and Founder of Council 22 iVy Taroc


Unfortunately, far too many leaders once tasting the apple of power, bite too deep. This is no less so, with those who have served this body. Those who have lost their way, are noted below. They are additionally featured on Pyramidion’s Hall of Shame Project. It is our greatest hope, that they will deeply reflect on their actions and return to center.



c22 CEOs


From the Desk of Justin Mathews di Cristofaro


Chief Executive Officer 1st & 2nd Qtr 2020






From the Desk of Hezborn Okal


Chief Executive Officer 3rd & 4th Qtr 2019

Having Served in almost all the C22 departments since the year 2017,My first priority as the C22 CEO will be to honor our former CEO’s by strengthening the goals and standards that they all had set in the Various departments.They all did excellent Job that is worth emulating .We will start to build from the foundations that they already laid and to ensure that the purposes and goals of C22 are fully achieved.
Secondly I will ensure all initiates focus on our agenda on the Citizen outreach which is to pass on IAM messages across the Globe,I will ensure we bring in many translators from across the globe to assist in the Linguistics team.
Finally,Good Character, Discipline,Love, Respect, Patience and Loyalty are Virtues that we shall never Compromise at any given time.We must ensure we remain committed to the Vows that we took when we signed the Eternal Oath.We must remain United as we match towards realizing global unification .I will be fully available to help anyone who needs my help or advice.Let us all remain focused and we shall all be winners. Always remember that we all are important,Just as the Illumimati holds you in the highest esteem, I too value each and everyone of you. Thanks .

Hezborn Okal.

From the Desk of Jamaal Ingraham


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 2nd & 3rd Qtr 2019

“As I lead C22 I want everyone to gain as much knowledge, mastering ourselves is on top of the list if we are to preserve the human species. My primary goal is to lead with the purpose and having initiates ready for the next level. Read First Testament and Global Agenda.“




From the Desk of Petros Regos aka Pete



Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 1st Qtr 2019

1st Quarter 2019 Goals
My dear brother & Sisters in the Light, I write this note to you not knowing what exactly to write or how to write it but I figured it would be best if it just comes AS IS directly from my heart.
I don’t want to preach or make a speech but if had something I would like to start with is this: “be kind to each other” none us really knows what battle the other person is fighting we just don’t know, respond with kindness even though others may be unkind to you have the power to  respond to them with kindness, learn how to develop empathy there is no way in the world us humans can progress towards Unity unless we develop empathy for our fellow man.
As you carry on with your assigned duties in this outreach even outside and you come across a Brother or Sister who needs help and you can offer it then take the time to do it and see it through it’s through helping one another that our lives  start to have value, every one of us is a part of a larger mechanism that requires all parts to function properly.
As we climb the Pyramid our goal is to lead by example, people are observing your behavior, attitude, the way you come across, we are all leading every single minute, if we are to keep moving forward we need to watch the way we behave, mastering ourselves is on top of the list if we are to preserve the human species.
If you come across an idea or anything that will appeal as a move forward in this outreach by all means communicate with  your team manager or director and inform him/her of whatever you have in mind, take the time and write it down then present it, if you fail then that’s a sign that you need to rebuild your plan and start again.
If something has the potential – even though it may seem difficult and you have the resources at the time – then do it, everything starts as an idea in someone’s mind, great things require effort dedication and persistence.
Lastly “teamwork” very little can be said about that we all know the meaning behind teamwork, as I have mentioned earlier do your best and help each other out as much as you can, if we are to truly advance move forward and get to the next level it can only happen through teamwork, but I want to encourage you to not only talk about it and make a mere post with a picture on the internet but actually do it.
I am looking forward to work and interact with all of you and the time we spend together will mean the world to me.
Love & Light always
Pete Regos



 From the Desk of Christine Cruz aka Nikki Cee  



C22 Chief of Operations (CEO) 3rd/4th Qtr 2018

3rd & 4th Quarter Goals for 2018
After assessing the state of the teams I inherited, my primary goal is to rebuild the Social Relations Team after terminating a former GM, who lacked the leadership skills to educate and engage her team and follow through on the projects assigned. 
C22 has learned the hard way that people words and actions, often do not match.  I am implementing strategy’s that will help us vet candidates before we move them into a leadership role
“Those who do not have the best intentions for our brothers and sisters, need not apply.”
Christine Ingraham


From the Desk of Papa Scherer


Founder of CEO Goals


1st & 2nd Quarter Goals 2018

Goals for the 2018 Second Quarter –
These are getting all of us Imitates, back to the Purpose we were brought to the Member’s Portal for –That is to Gain Knowledge – to learn from the First Testament – to learn from other Initiates – to get ourselves ready for the Global Agenda.
We are going to promote iMARK Radio and help to get out the
Ideals of the Illuminati to many – We are going to promote another venture of getting Initiates with knowledge of a skill or industry to share their Knowledge with those that seek that certain knowledge –
We want to strive for more ways to recruit people to the Illuminati and the ideals found in the First Testament – To promote positive messages and attitudes for a positive future. To bring the Family back home to Gain Knowledge, to share their Knowledge, and to enrich our lives with all the wealth of the
knowledge other Initiates can share…

Former CEO’s include: iVy Taroc Summer 2017, Brother Stephen White Fall 2017 & Richard Henry Winter 2017