c22 Code of Conduct


Image created by Initiate Khan King


 Our Code of Conduct for All Council 22 Members


 From the Desk of Richard Scherer aka Papa Fred



All operating teams should follow the directives of their General Managers and the Capstone Council.
If any team member is attacked, or has an issue with another team member, always use your chain of command. If the GM needs further help with this issue, the GM
will seek advice from the Capstone Council.
The Capstone Council will provide Leadership with tasks. GMs are responsible to ensure their teams are completing them as directed. Team members who do not follow-through, we be removed from their position.
The Capstone Council will be given directives from the Founder of Council 22,
ivyTaroc (Apex Advisory Board) when, and if necessary.
Council 22 must not fire back with flaming insults during an altercation with any non-
Council 22 members. Simply reporting the post and ignoring the comment will be the
best course of action. If you must respond, respond with calmness and wisdom. Always be mindful of your “delivery”.  The Member’s Portal is not a place for emotions to rule. c22 has provided a forum to discuss more controversial issues in private, if the need should arise.
All General Managers and team members will be given the tools and resources necessary to complete all of their tasks, including Trello. A pattern of incomplete or ignored tasks, will result in termination. Dereliction of duty is not tolerated.
Every Capstone Lead will become a member of the Apex Advisory Board, upon exemplary completion of their term. This is to ensure a smooth transition between evolving Councils and the “tone” & vision of Council 22 is maintained over time.
The Capstone Council, will Select a Candidate that will be the next Capstone Lead, Approved by the Founder of C22, ivyTaroc.
The goal of Council 22 will be to develop as many leaders as possible. It is for the edification of the Initiates that we help and enlighten.
As many people as possible should hold positions in Council 22. This pyramid was designed to be fluid and evolving.
Regarding Term Limits:
The only position on C22, that is not subject to these terms, is Anti-Fraud. – A new Position – Executive Director of Anti-Fraud & Anti-Scammers – to be held by Brother Brad Adams for as long as he desires to serve~