c22 Code of Conduct


 Our Code of Conduct for All Council 22 Members


 From the Desk of Richard Henry


1. All work and tasks must be done in a timely manner, as indicated.
2. If one needs help with any work or tasks they are given, always ask another GM or Capstone Leadership or Apex Board.
3. If a serious problem arises with another member, do not post the incident on the portal. Instead, contact a Capstone Board Member for resolution of the problem.
4. Always respect everyone and never verbally berate ANYONE.
5. Respect the chain of command, all team members can only contact their supervisors or GM.
6. Betrayal of Council 22 will result in immediate termination of Council 22 membership. Loyalty is a quality we value.
7. Always keep the channels of communication open with one another so that misunderstandings can be avoided.
8. Hard work that is of good quality will be expected of all Council 22 members.
9: Finally, Do what is right and practice the Golden Rule.