Richard Henry’s Desk

 From the Desk of Richard Henry
C22 Chief of Operations 2018

2018 Goals for Council 22

One of the main things I want to accomplish as the Chief of Operations of Council 22 is to make sure that our positive impact is felt by other initiates in not only what we say on the portal but by how we conduct ourselves.
I want us to continue to help other initiates whose first language is not English understand the concepts of the Illuminati.
In terms of recruitment, I want to continue to choose the best candidates for Council 22 who have the urge to become the leaders that others will want to follow.
I want to continue to instill the mindset in Council 22 about always improving and becoming better as there will always be opportunities for advancement in the pyramid.
Another thing I want Council 22 to continue doing is to show the initiates that we are always looking out for them by continuing to fight fraudulent scammers and helping the initiates feel safe.
I want to also help Council 22 to keep the initiates informed about open positions and to educate them about the standards of behavior that we must abide by not only in the portal but outside of the portal.
Leading by example is something that I & Council 22 will continue doing and to help the initiates feel secure so that they can come to us if they have any questions or problems.
Since the portal is the lifeblood of the initiates, I want Council to continue posting thought provoking material to help the initiates understand their role on this planet and to encourage them to develop more ideas as to how to develop themselves and their communities.
Richard Henry – Council 22 Chief of Operations/Capstone Lead