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FAQs Continued~


Q :Why did the Illuminati go public?

A : As the age of Illuminati approaches, the people of this planet are ready to accept the light and our enemies will do nothing because they do not believe we exist.

For further information please follow this link: Read Archive Here 

Q : What is Illuminios?

A : Illuminios is the annual conference for ranking members of Illuminati, held in different locations across the planet. Every year, all ranking members may vote on decisions at the annual conference.

Q : How do I add a signature to my profile in the community? 

A : Signatures appear below your posts and replies in the community.  You can edit your signature by using this link: Edit your Signature

Q : What is the power and purpose of the Illuminati symbols / signs?

A :We are aware that the symbols and signs play a powerful role in the development of the human species.  Since the ancient days we have witnessed these symbols and signs in various forms. The Illuminati’s symbols serve many purposes.

For further information please follow this link: Read Archive Here 

The Illuminati’s symbols are maps for those who seek the truth, and signs of unity for all who walk alongside you on the path.

Q : Is it necessary to buy items of the Illuminati for joining?

A : The decision to buy the Illuminati items such as the Testament, the symbols or signs is your choice. Buying merchandise does not effect your membership standings what-so-ever.

For further information please follow this link: Learn More Here or read Chapter 9 of ILLUMINATIAM 

Q : Where can I buy authentic Illuminati items? AND Where can I read or purchase the First Testament?

A: The only authorized distributor of authentic Illuminati items is the Department Of Distribution (DODIS). The Talismans and T-shirts can be ordered there.

As of June 2016, the Illuminati has only authorized two publications: The Illuminatiam Testament and the Illuminations. Both of these are available on Amazon.  These are also available through the Library on the Members Portal.

PLEASE NOTE: Many online PDF versions of our publications have been altered from the original and may be missing important pages or chapters. To ensure the authenticity of your edition, only download our books through the links above.

Q : How to join the Illuminati? Do the Illuminati contact via Instagram or WhatsApp? What is the official website for the Illuminati?

A : Membership in the Illuminati is by invitation only.  If you believe that you have been set apart from all other humans, and that you are meant to become a shepherd of your species, you are invited to submit an application for our review through the official website:  JOIN US HERE

For further information please follow this link: How do I become an Illuminati Member or read Chapter 9 of ILLUMINATIAM 

REMEMBER: The Illuminati will never contact you via WhatsApp, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or any other address that is not listed at 

Please heed this warning from The Illuminati at all times: WARNING!