By direction of former Capstone CEO Richard Scherer, this page is designed to honor our past General Managers, who have faithfully & honorably, served this committee.

These are the folks who have faithfully and honorably served this board with the utmost integrity. This is our way to bring attention to the trustworthy leaders among us. These are folks you can count on to help you find The Illuminati and follow the Light.

If you do not see a former c22 General Mangers on this list, it is because they did not meet the extremely strict criteria, for inclusion.

This list only recognizes EXCELLENCE in service~


Frukh Mehmood


Frukh served for 6 months flawlessly as a team member then General Manager of Forum Relations. He is the only Initiate who completed his term without even a minor incident and it is because of his impeccable service, that we are honoring all GM of excellence. 

Thank you Frukh!

You are a remarkable man and an invaluable walking resource, for your Illuminati Brothers and Sisters!!


Jamal Baig


Jamal served honorably for 6 months as the General Manager of Graphics. He pushed through a terrible auto accident during his tenor and still showed up when he was able to. His work can still be seen on this site and we are grateful he shared his talents with the c22 team. 

His devotion to the Initiates is such, that you will likely keep seeing Jamal created graphics, even though he is no longer on Council.


Michalea Lamon


Michalea was an excellent & trustworthy contributor to c22.  She started as a Quality Control team member and eventually became their General Manager. Additionally, she was the Interim Capstone Lead, when the Brother White had to step away, due to health issues.

ALL as a full time working, Mum of four! 


Skylar Tayman


Skylar took over for David Nix, when he had to step down from his General Manager role, for personal reasons. She was able to complete his term and then some! We are very grateful to her willingness to adjust to the changing needs of this council.

Not everyone can step in and step UP, like Skylar did.