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Council 22 announces their unwavering support for “Mark”


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“Mark” is an official vocal outreach, featuring the Initiates of the Illuminati.
We help folks find the Illuminati & follow the Light via “sound”, inspirational, and knowledge based reprogramming~

We are always looking for Initiate created music, poetry, comedy, voice over specialists, and talk show guest hosts, as well as content suggestions.

Bi-Lingual contributors, are encouraged to apply!

You can reach us via email:: HERE


iM⚠️RK features artistry created by the Initiates of the Illuminati or in rare cases, those who merely support our mission and message.

We are thrilled to finally announce, Brother David Rothschild and The Conspiracy Band, will be a permanently featured group for us. We will be supporting the Band in all their future projects. 

David is well aware of our stated mission, and we have used his work with permission.

Stay tuned to learn more!!

Chief Operating Lioness



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As Sole Proprietor & Chief Operating Lioness, V is responsible for the the vision, tone and direction of this station. 

“V” is a conversational writer, who penned “Growing Pains”, a compilation of her faVorite life experience based essays.  She is the Principle Editor of Facets of Light, a co-operative collection of “Light” readings, from the Initiates of the Illuminati.

Both of which are available at Amazon.

She is currently the only Level 1.1 “verified” Citizen Member Initiate, in the Illuminati’s public outreach.  Her only stated purpose, is to help folks find The Illuminati and follow the Light. Everything she does, is towards that end.


Executive Director of Linguistics & Communications


Nikki Cee

  iM⚠️RK™ believes without great communication, it is vastly more difficult for humans to express themselves, or to be understood.  The disconnect on information sharing becomes profound, when the words printed, cannot be fully comprehended, by those reading them.

ENTER NIKKI CEE aka Christine Cruz

Nikki holds a Bachelors in Psychology hence her interest is helping others.

She speaks, reads and writes English, Spanish and Italian, fluently.  She will make certain, that we have provided excellent translations, you can rely on. Together with Petros Regos & Alex Parades, we are pleased to offer multiple language versions of  Illuminatiam, Illuminations & The Archives.

Nikki is also a regular contributor to iM⚠️RK.  She consistently delivers sound advice, for  our consideration and implementation.

If you are interested in translating or if you would like some advice Nikki Cee can be reached at:


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Executive Director of Education


Dr. Robert Sawyer

Dr. Robert Sawyer joins us from an international platform. He spends his life traveling the world, educating people about education. He is currently living in Egypt, but works for institutions in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. He also offers free consultations to American parents concerning the U.S. Common Core standards. He has written many course books for students and teachers, as well as various manuals on curriculum and assessment design. He is an advocate of objective-based education and strives to shine a light on educational issues and find ways to solve these issues.

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Learn more about Dr. Robert now in one click~


  Executive Director of Promotions & Public Relations


Tiffany Roa

Tiffany Roa is a true asset to iMark.

Never one to shy away from helping other Initiates, Tiffany is an incredible example of human kindness and intelligence, in motion.  She will be leading the charge for our dedicated & evolving  marketing strategy.  Tiffany’s compassionate heart extends well beyond this outreach. She also shares Mark’s vision and values, which are rooted in The Illuminati’s teachings.

Her life is a live demonstration of the Illuminati ideals.

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Executive Coordinator of Musical Talent


Todd Reador

Tune into TR

Initiate “TR” is a musician in the metal category and has played
for many years. He hopes to contribute to the station
with his charismatic voice to give listeners a genuine
experience for how The Illuminati has helped his life,
By giving opinions on topics and/or helping bands
with his creative ideas towards ridding the world of
false assumptions about the great Illuminati.

Todd is our musical contact person. If you have music to share, please reach out to him personally. Thank you!

TR has read many chapters from Illuminatiam & Illuminations on audio for us, and is an energetic regular contributor to “Voices”. Look for his participation in Our Globalist Agenda and interviews with our musical artists.

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