Council 22 is a highly social committee. All roles are geared towards interaction with other Initiates in this outreach.

The Council is always looking for additional help.

You can serve from anywhere on the planet, so long as you have access to the internet.

If you are interested in serving your fellow Initiates, please contact the appropriate leader below.

Thank You!




Chief Executive Officer

Justin Mathews di Cristofaro @thejustindi

Pyramidion Group

West Virginia, USA



The office of Chief Executive Officer is the apex of Council 22.  Anyone occupying this position has absolutely earned a right to be here. It is by appointment only, and all candidates in review, have demonstrated their leadership skills, and merit this role.  Each CEO has posted their goals for their term, on this website.

It should be noted that not all leaders express themselves in the same way. Each will have their own way of leading, some more effective or exemplary than others. While we encourage a “servant style” of leadership, once given the the power of this position, we have found many become ‘heavy-handed’ or choose to be ‘hands off’, and coast. These styles are best known as Micro and Macro Managing, respectively. Unless the CEO is in violation of the 3 E’s established by this body, we do not interfere with their preferred method. Each CEO is an unduplicated human and because of this, a lot can be learned by watching each of them, wield the reigns.



c22 is currently redefining roles.




Graphic created by Initiate Lexi Roeder


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