Members Portal Tips

This page is specifically designed to provide assistance to any initiate that has trouble editing, posting, or changing information on your profile in the Members Portal.

We would like to give a special thanks, to Initiate J11 for sharing these MP Tips!



Image by Initiate Jamal Baig


How To Edit You Comments in the Main Portal. 

As you know, some posts have the “EDIT” option but strangely, most do not have that option. Well, that option is actually there but not visible and I will show you how to edit your reply even when the “EDIT” option is missing.

Also, I noticed that many of the initiates wish that they could “edit” their Original Topics and you can actually do that too.

Here are some tips:

How to Edit Your Original Topic

– Left Click on the “Title” to go to the Topic that you want to EDIT and check the URL.

– You will see this link:

– Left Click on the URL, after the last character.

– You’ll see that the whole URL becomes highlighted (blue).

– Left Click again on the same place and the “blue” will go away.

– Type the following at the end: “edit”.

– The URL will now look like this:

– Hit the “Enter” on the keyboard and it will take you to the “Now Editing” screen.

– Left Click on the “text” area to add/remove/change what you need.

– Left Click on the “SUBMIT” and you’ll be done.

(Optional: If you also need to Modify the TITLE)

– On top, you will see “Now Editing Your Own Topic”.

– Under that, you can read “Topic Title (Maximum Length: 80)”.

– The rectangular box right under that will show Your Own Topic inside.

– Left Click anywhere inside, to modify your title.

– Left Click on the “SUBMIT”.

(Optional: If you also need to change the FORUM your topic appears in)

– Under the Text area, you can see “Forum:”.

– Below that, you will see another rectangular box.

– Left Click on the “dawn arrow” right next to it.

– The three Forums will display.

– Left Click on one of the options by the “blue Highlight”.

– Left Click on the “SUBMIT”.

(Optional: If you also need to add Poll to your topic)

– You will see “Create New Topic Pole” at the bottom.

– Below it you will see a little box.

– Next to that box, you can read “Add poll to this topic”.

– Left Click on that little box and the “checkmark” will appear.

– The current window will expand with the poll questions/options.

– Fill out the necessary steps.

– Left Click on the “SUBMIT”.

All Done!


How To See All of Your Followers

If you are still wondering how to see all your “Followers” and/or those who you are “Following”, I will give you a couple of tips and you will be able to check them on any desktop computer or laptop.

I noticed that some initiates are still having difficulty with it and are confused as to why all the pages are visible when using a smart phone but only the first page shows on a computer.

– Left Click on “Profile” (or on your picture) to go to your profile.

– Left Click on the “Followers” and only the first page of the followers will show.

– Right Click on the “Blank Area” and a little window will pop-up.

– Left Click on the last option “Inspect” and you’ll see two parts on the screen.

– Left Click on “Elements” on the right portion (usually by default).

– Scroll down on the left side to see all the available pages.

– Left Click on any page you like to access.

You can repeat all the steps above to access the list of the “Following”.