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Welcome to the Arts & Entertainment Contributory!

There are many creative and talented Authors & Artists, that can be found in this organization, even at the Initiate level. We believe it is just good business, to support the creations of our family, whenever possible. This resource was created to make it easy to do so.

We want to draw attention to their work, so others can have an opportunity to enjoy their offerings & hopefully add more abundance into their life’s.

If you are a published Author, Musician or Artist, who has a finished product to sell, and would like your work included on this page, please contact V & provide the details you see displayed here.

*Council 22 has other entertainment based projects in which Initiates can participate as well. Please contact our Producer, Michaela to learn more about iMark Media~


“Facets of Light”


Compiled and self-published by iVyTaroc & i2i Empire Ink

The Initiates of the Illuminati 2017 have donated their poems, lyrics & short stories, to a collective work of inspiration, for all.

We are new to the world stage. We are the first, publicly recognized, Initiates of the Illuminati. We are living history. In a world adamant about service to self. We have chosen to serve the world. It is our hope, we will inspire others, to do the same. The following are selections from the Initiates of the Illuminati. We encourage all people, in all places, to find & follow the Light~

Available now on Amazon. Click Book link below to order

Facets of Light


The Music of Lisa Marie Taylor! 



Our very own Lisa Marie Taylor is the REAL deal in music!  She is a rising star in the industry and we are extremely excited that she follows the Light like we do!! Please consider supporting her work below~

Lisa on Apple Music

Lisa on Spotify

Lisa on Amazon



“Growing Pains”


Sourced and self-published by iVyTaroc

As the Age of Light dawns…whether they realize it or not, ALL people, in ALL places, are struggling to ‘lighten UP’ & ‘lighten’ their loads. They instinctively know something dramatic is underway and they are feeling the energetic force of global change. Those who have chosen to help lead the way, are consciously preparing to ‘rise and shine’. However, the mental & emotional evolutionary preparation, required to embrace & embody this new age, is difficult on us ALL. Because we are “Human”. And growth can hurt……BAD. It’s my hope, “Growing Pains” will inspire folks to find and follow the Light, through ALL things at ALL times~

HaPpy Trails!

Available for purchase on Amazon. Click link below to order

“Growing Pains”



Something Else


Cap`n Richie (passionate beatmaker with an ardent desire to create the best of sound) on a journey of self discovery and delimitation of a new edge​ ​in​ ​music.”

Please listen to the music of Cap’n Richie below!

Something Else by Cap’n Richies featuring Odilia Carmen


“A Guide to Writing Hip Hop Lyrics”


 Self-Published by Richard Henry

Finally, a step by step guide on how to write hip hop lyrics that will amaze audiences from the author of “The Ultimate Freestyle Manual”! No longer do you have to scratch your head in confusion wondering how to get started in hip hop writing. Discover how to write dynamic hip hop lyrics……..from your own mind and creativity. Grab a pencil and watch your abilities soar to new heights. Get this book today and be on the road to stardom!

-You will create effective hip hop lyrics that people will love

-You will discover a new inner passion for rap music

-You will find out about the common devices used in hip hop

-You will find out how to rap your own written lyrics to a beat

-You will develop a new found swagger in your hip hop writing

-You will develop a new confidence when writing and rapping hip hop lyrics

-You will find out how to captivate audiences with your rapping skills

Richard Henry is also the author of “The Fight To Release The True Hidden Facts About Atlantis!”.

“A Guide For Writing Hip Hop Lyrics” by Richard Henry is highly recommended for any Hip-Hop artist looking for tips and methods on improving song writing ability. His concepts and techniques are one of kind and come at a very affordable price.” – Jamaal West           (

Available for purchase on Amazon at link below:

A Guide to Writing Hip Hop Lyrics



Music of Initiate Ethereal Dublinerz 


Greetings from Wales!

Made in Coruña in 2002, this is the first of the ‘Galician set’ extended play recordings by the RDL.

Ethereral Dubliners



The Fight To Release The True Hidden Facts About Atlantis!


Self published by Richard Henry

What would you do if you knew the government kept secret information about advanced ancient technology and Atlantis hidden away from the public? Don’t you think the public deserve to know if the lost advanced civilization of Atlantis really existed? Author of “A Guide For Writing Hip Hop Lyrics” and “Jazz…For Those Who Don’t Appreciate It”, Richard Henry will open up your imagination of why Atlantis existed and what technological legacy it left behind. This ebook is short and to the point about what spectacular events took place in the ancient days. You will forever be changed….

You’ll read about….

-Different kinds of technology that existed in ancient times

-The connection between Noah’s flood and Atlantis

-How the Tower Of Babel might have been advanced technology

-How Atlantis and Antarctica are connected

and more!

Currently available for sale on Amazon. Link Below

The Fight to Release



Fantasy Mind Poetry: Words from the Sky


Self-published by Richard Henry

Richard Henry, the author of Fantasy Mind Poetry: Imagination Flows, has written another collection of over 40 imaginative poems in free verse. He takes you on a journey through space and time to unlock the the creative powers of poetry. Savor the words and the fantastic places that his poetry will take you and enjoy the incredible journey. His words will leave a colorful imprint on your mind that you will never forget.

Available for purchase on Amazon at link below:

Words from the Sky


Fantasy Mind Poetry: Imagination Flows


Self-published by Richard Henry

A collection of creative poetry by Richard Alan Henry that’s bound to awaken your imagination and take you to incredible worlds and stimulate all of your senses. You will go on a journey of color, shadow, light and magic. Let your mind soak in the words and the pictures that your mind will create. Most of the poems are written in free verse.

Available now on Amazon at link below:

Inspiration Flows


The music of Jordon Reeves

Jordon has a number of titles now available for your consideration, below.

Jordon’s Collection