Amit Joshi

Hello initiates. My name is Amit Joshi and I’m from India. I joined the Illuminati in September 2017. From that point, my life stopped being easy. I was tested hard at every turn. But the Light and you all fellow initiates stuck together for me like a family. I’m really grateful for that. I served in Linguistics department of C22 first and now I’m serving in the Social Relations Team or SRT. It’s been an educational and enlightening journey for me. My love for human kind, progress and knowledge will never fade, just like our spirit to make our planet a better place for everyone won’t ever die. Strongest metals are forged in hottest of fires, the same hammer that breaks glass also forges steel. So fear not, we are always watching out for you. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak and I look forward to working with all of you and give my 100% for sure. Love and Light always.

Andre’ William Parish


 I am very glad and honored to be a part of the Logistics and Pr team for C22. I have received a lot of knowledge and now see things a lot differently in my life. It has given me a chance to grow and share my thoughts. It has helped me reach deep inside and really explore my inner thought and would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart Brothers and Sisters.

Andre William Parish

Initiate C22 Team


Yamikani chikho



C22 website is a website that help new initiates from finding true meaning of the light which is the Illuminati. Many new initiates are illuminated at c22 during this temporary closure of Members portal.

C22 helps to eliminate ignorance around the world about Illuminati and its composition. It prepare new initiates in our long journey of life in light

It also helps initiates to focus only on Illuminati main goal.  C22 contains most important information about Illuminati and explains how to be in light for life long.

It is through this Website where many initiates communicate and interact about Illuminati and world things. This encourage new initiates to be focused.


Yamikani chikho         Fb account: yams chikho

Keerthi Vasan


This is the portal where we discuss the thoughts about the light. Since the MP Portal is down, here we are not stuck because this gives a platform to discuss more. I have gone through many illumination thoughts while translating it in my native language. This platform allows us to discuss our thought and understanding about the first testament and illuminations. I got many information apart from illumination and first testament from this portal. I learnt about the theory of everything research, the sigil magic book, etc. Apart from the publication from Illuminati, we have many things around us to learn. That learning are learnt from this portal. A wonderful platform to know about light and clean our thoughts. This is a tool of beacon for light. Many active members are clarifying my doubts, and they are discussing and adding their points to my posts.

Keerthi Vasan

Minta Medina


I was welcomed into C22 November 2018, and it’s been the most amazing learning and growing experience I’ve ever had. Im grateful to be able to work with such wonderful people who also became my family and I’m honored to have such great leadership and being able to learn at the same time as helping others find the resources available..Having the opportunity to find enlightenment and share ur light with others is beautiful thing. I connected with some very nice followers and was honored to hear my words shine light to them and I shine even brighter knowing I can make a difference in someone’s life


Kissable Mint

John Mwalwala


I’m tempted not to let everyone know that C22 is and has been extremely orderly. I can’t possible come up with a list of mistakes concerning C22 no matter how hard I can try to find any. Coming to conclusion that C22 is an extremely successful council, I didn’t reach to that point by day dreaming or listening to some hearsay, it’s success is seen everywhere.  I mean really, something that can enable you change some sorts of weaknesses and make you learn more, is truly worthy been considered successful.

In C22 there have been freedom of expression. Of course there have been no freedom of  thought, this has enabled everyone to express him/herself freely but without hurting others.  It was against “you are here to be seen, not to be heard”. For this matter, I’ve always been able to participate in C22 Avenue freely.

C22 have always been an extremely knowledgeable for all initiates including myself. I’ve so far learned a lot from it. Knowledge being the most precious gift one can ever get in life, I may say that C22 has granted me an opportunity of grabbing such a precious gift. C22 has always provided me with answers of whatever have ever bothered me.

I do believe that C22 has always played a major role in bringing global unity and unification. Sharing ideas with my fellow initiates in C22 Avenue has always made me feel connected to everyone following light. Actually, when initiates from different parts of the world can possibly share ideas to one another, then it’s obviously that unity is being achieved.

Good leadership isn’t something that can be claimed. It’s something which is mostly observed. Seeing how everything have been running in C22 so smoothly, I automatically knew that for sure there was good leadership in practice. I had to sit back and try reflecting my own leadership ability. I tried to figure out if at all there could be anything which will would have required some changes. All this was as a result of seeing how good C22 leadership was.

For sure there are more good things to talk about concerning C22 but for the time being I’ll adjourn at this point.

John Mwalwala

Tweeter handle: @johnmwalwala

Facebook: John Mwalwala (Dolly)



Jeffery Tan


Hello C22 Family,

My name is Jeffrey Tan. I am an Illuminati Initiate and C22 member since June 2018. When I joined the Members Portal, I noticed that the Community section was not available, so I tried to reach out to the Initiates on Twitter. I saw Miss Ivy Taroc’s profile pic and she seems familiar. I told myself, “She’s the woman that used the talisman as an earring.” I read her tweet about the C22 website and I joined without hesitation. A few months later, I joined the Linguistic Team with Bro. Petros Regos and the rest of the staff as a writer of Filipino language, and I am hoping that my fellow Filipinos would read my work. I hope that the C22 will remain active even if the Community reopens.

My Twitter account name is “Darkhunter darkhun08537985”

May the Light brings us unity

Jeffery Tan

Jamaal Ingraham


J.F.I. I Joined the Council22 over 6 months ago. It has been a journey on an enlightened path, driven by my appetite for knowledge. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I believe in The Illuminati, I read Testament and was awaken. I found out about Illuminati thru my wife.My road was difficult i had to apply what I learned from The Testament to become aware of the universe I live in. I wanted to do more so I join the Social Relation Team. Being apart of the Council 22 was attainable because not being afraid and my understanding to do more for the advancement of mankind.

Jamaal Ingraham aka J.F.I.

Hezborn Okal

This is my testimonial since I Joined the C22 over 12 months ago,Though the road to the top of the Pyramid has been rough and tough,I have achieved much knowledge and  wisdom from my fellow initiates in all the social media platforms.
In spite of the hardships, Challenges and the difficult moments have experienced in the recent past,I have enjoyed so much to serve in the  Various departments of the Illuminati Initiates’ Council 22, and have seen myself growing in Leadership as well.
I started in the Quality Control department during the times when the Illuminati Members Portal was still open,and later joined the Linguistics department as Luo-Kenya language translator until last year December, when I was promoted to Social Relations Team as the Supervisor and was later promoted to the Position of the General Manager of the Social Relations Team .
I love to Serve wherever I am at all times,for I know greatness comes through Service. Thank you so much the entire Council 22 team Members, both Present, and Past.You have been of great help and support to me since I started this Journey.
I cannot forget to mention Madam V Goodrich (Evangelight), Brad Adams, Petros Regos, Richard Henry, Richard Scherer(Papa Fred),my dear brother Jamal and many others, who have been my role models.
All my fellow initiates and Citizens I say thank you for the support and above all thank you the Illuminati for giving us the opportunity to Learn and grow in knowledge and Wisdom and to serve the human Species.You all have my love and Respect for you have impacted my life very Positively and made me who I am today.My attitudes have changed and my love and commitment to this Journey of the light has grown greatly..Thank you all.

Petros Regos


How I was lead to the light and my awakening; my story.

It was a nice warm Los Angeles afternoon in May 3rd 2017 around 4:00pm and I decided to go for my Neighborhood watch rounds like I usually do, so, first I patrolled our surrounding buildings and I ended up at the local Seven Eleven where I usually monitor store activity and report to the Community Police officer in charge the local suspicious or illegal activity in the area.

I had a very strange feeling that whole week did not know what it was or why and I could not put my finger on it so, I started heading home take a shower, watch a movie and unwind.

Right when I was ready to get my keys and open the gate a young man in his late 30’s hits me in the head from the back and the next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room in the Ronald Reagan hospital at UCLA with nurses, and physicians attending me while explaining that three weeks ago I was struck in the head with a metal pipe by an unknown man who was later arrested and went prison.

The impact caused my heart to stop, bruises, a broken left arm and a skull fracture which will needed cranioplasty and an implant to repair the damage.

From UCLA I was transferred to a rehab facility where I had to learn how to walk again, eat and prepare food, exercise and the doctors said that I will make 100% full recovery.

While all this was happening – and still happening as I type this – I felt that was not a stranger among strangers anymore, I was seeing multiples of number (1 / 11 / 111 / 1111) and various other digit combinations everywhere I looked (license plates, receipts, statements, street signs) started looking at the world from a completely different perspective, I had a clear sense for my mission here on this planet, my path was lit up and all I had to do is follow it, I could see that there was a brand new portal opening for me and a path to my dreams and passions was becoming a lot more clear, I could feel a deep love and compassion for all humanity, the universe has had taken a snapshot of my dreams and desires, and the doctors were saying that I was given a second chance in life.

Was it a coincidence?  Miracle? Sign from the universe? Angels? Wake up call? Awakening?  New beginning? One thing is certain that I knew I was awakened my 3rd eye was opened although at the time I had no clue what all this really meant.

Serving in C22 as CEO gave me the chance to move to the next level of existence, lead more people to the Light and give me enough confidence and strength to keep moving forward in this uncharted territory only following the signs and signals from the Universe.

One thing I know for sure that the best is yet to come, all I had to do is follow the light.

Petros Regos

Illuminati Initiate