Hezborn Okal

This is my testimonial since I Joined the C22 over 12 months ago,Though the road to the top of the Pyramid has been rough and tough,I have achieved much knowledge and  wisdom from my fellow initiates in all the social media platforms.
In spite of the hardships, Challenges and the difficult moments have experienced in the recent past,I have enjoyed so much to serve in the  Various departments of the Illuminati Initiates’ Council 22, and have seen myself growing in Leadership as well.
I started in the Quality Control department during the times when the Illuminati Members Portal was still open,and later joined the Linguistics department as Luo-Kenya language translator until last year December, when I was promoted to Social Relations Team as the Supervisor and was later promoted to the Position of the General Manager of the Social Relations Team .
I love to Serve wherever I am at all times,for I know greatness comes through Service. Thank you so much the entire Council 22 team Members, both Present, and Past.You have been of great help and support to me since I started this Journey.
I cannot forget to mention Madam V Goodrich (Evangelight), Brad Adams, Petros Regos, Richard Henry, Richard Scherer(Papa Fred),my dear brother Jamal and many others, who have been my role models.
All my fellow initiates and Citizens I say thank you for the support and above all thank you the Illuminati for giving us the opportunity to Learn and grow in knowledge and Wisdom and to serve the human Species.You all have my love and Respect for you have impacted my life very Positively and made me who I am today.My attitudes have changed and my love and commitment to this Journey of the light has grown greatly..Thank you all.


тhe ιllυмιnaтι callѕ мe Prιnceѕs. ι aм a "verιғιed" parт oғ ιllυмιnaтιam's lιvιng нιѕтory~ V!