Amit Joshi

Hello initiates. My name is Amit Joshi and I’m from India. I joined the Illuminati in September 2017. From that point, my life stopped being easy. I was tested hard at every turn. But the Light and you all fellow initiates stuck together for me like a family. I’m really grateful for that. I served in Linguistics department of C22 first and now I’m serving in the Social Relations Team or SRT. It’s been an educational and enlightening journey for me. My love for human kind, progress and knowledge will never fade, just like our spirit to make our planet a better place for everyone won’t ever die. Strongest metals are forged in hottest of fires, the same hammer that breaks glass also forges steel. So fear not, we are always watching out for you. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak and I look forward to working with all of you and give my 100% for sure. Love and Light always.


тhe ιllυмιnaтι callѕ мe Prιnceѕs. ι aм a "verιғιed" parт oғ ιllυмιnaтιam's lιvιng нιѕтory~ V!