Jamaal Ingraham


J.F.I. I Joined the Council22 over 6 months ago. It has been a journey on an enlightened path, driven by my appetite for knowledge. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I believe in The Illuminati, I read Testament and was awaken. I found out about Illuminati thru my wife.My road was difficult i had to apply what I learned from The Testament to become aware of the universe I live in. I wanted to do more so I join the Social Relation Team. Being apart of the Council 22 was attainable because not being afraid and my understanding to do more for the advancement of mankind.

Jamaal Ingraham aka J.F.I.


тhe ιllυмιnaтι callѕ мe Prιnceѕs. ι aм a "verιғιed" parт oғ ιllυмιnaтιam's lιvιng нιѕтory~ V!