John Mwalwala


I’m tempted not to let everyone know that C22 is and has been extremely orderly. I can’t possible come up with a list of mistakes concerning C22 no matter how hard I can try to find any. Coming to conclusion that C22 is an extremely successful council, I didn’t reach to that point by day dreaming or listening to some hearsay, it’s success is seen everywhere.  I mean really, something that can enable you change some sorts of weaknesses and make you learn more, is truly worthy been considered successful.

In C22 there have been freedom of expression. Of course there have been no freedom of  thought, this has enabled everyone to express him/herself freely but without hurting others.  It was against “you are here to be seen, not to be heard”. For this matter, I’ve always been able to participate in C22 Avenue freely.

C22 have always been an extremely knowledgeable for all initiates including myself. I’ve so far learned a lot from it. Knowledge being the most precious gift one can ever get in life, I may say that C22 has granted me an opportunity of grabbing such a precious gift. C22 has always provided me with answers of whatever have ever bothered me.

I do believe that C22 has always played a major role in bringing global unity and unification. Sharing ideas with my fellow initiates in C22 Avenue has always made me feel connected to everyone following light. Actually, when initiates from different parts of the world can possibly share ideas to one another, then it’s obviously that unity is being achieved.

Good leadership isn’t something that can be claimed. It’s something which is mostly observed. Seeing how everything have been running in C22 so smoothly, I automatically knew that for sure there was good leadership in practice. I had to sit back and try reflecting my own leadership ability. I tried to figure out if at all there could be anything which will would have required some changes. All this was as a result of seeing how good C22 leadership was.

For sure there are more good things to talk about concerning C22 but for the time being I’ll adjourn at this point.

John Mwalwala

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