Mbongeni Ctylicx Masilela

I joined the Illuminati  two months ago my life was just a mess and I
thought it was the end of my poor life. It was tough not knowing what
to do. But one day as I was browsing through Google I met the official
site and I joined there that’s where my journey begins.now I can see
some positive changes in my life…like I can feel the love of the
people around me whom they used to hate me, criticizes me and also
accused me of things I haven’t done and before I committed my self to
the Illuminati I had struggles with financials but  things seems to be
better than before, I’m just feeling powerfully and enlightened on my
journey thank you Illuminati for bringing this positive changes in my
life. thank you
Mbongeni Ctylicx Masilela 🔽


тhe ιllυмιnaтι callѕ мe Prιnceѕs. ι aм a "verιғιed" parт oғ ιllυмιnaтιam's lιvιng нιѕтory~ V~