Petros Regos


How I was lead to the light and my awakening; my story.

It was a nice warm Los Angeles afternoon in May 3rd 2017 around 4:00pm and I decided to go for my Neighborhood watch rounds like I usually do, so, first I patrolled our surrounding buildings and I ended up at the local Seven Eleven where I usually monitor store activity and report to the Community Police officer in charge the local suspicious or illegal activity in the area.

I had a very strange feeling that whole week did not know what it was or why and I could not put my finger on it so, I started heading home take a shower, watch a movie and unwind.

Right when I was ready to get my keys and open the gate a young man in his late 30’s hits me in the head from the back and the next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room in the Ronald Reagan hospital at UCLA with nurses, and physicians attending me while explaining that three weeks ago I was struck in the head with a metal pipe by an unknown man who was later arrested and went prison.

The impact caused my heart to stop, bruises, a broken left arm and a skull fracture which will needed cranioplasty and an implant to repair the damage.

From UCLA I was transferred to a rehab facility where I had to learn how to walk again, eat and prepare food, exercise and the doctors said that I will make 100% full recovery.

While all this was happening – and still happening as I type this – I felt that was not a stranger among strangers anymore, I was seeing multiples of number (1 / 11 / 111 / 1111) and various other digit combinations everywhere I looked (license plates, receipts, statements, street signs) started looking at the world from a completely different perspective, I had a clear sense for my mission here on this planet, my path was lit up and all I had to do is follow it, I could see that there was a brand new portal opening for me and a path to my dreams and passions was becoming a lot more clear, I could feel a deep love and compassion for all humanity, the universe has had taken a snapshot of my dreams and desires, and the doctors were saying that I was given a second chance in life.

Was it a coincidence?  Miracle? Sign from the universe? Angels? Wake up call? Awakening?  New beginning? One thing is certain that I knew I was awakened my 3rd eye was opened although at the time I had no clue what all this really meant.

Serving in C22 as CEO gave me the chance to move to the next level of existence, lead more people to the Light and give me enough confidence and strength to keep moving forward in this uncharted territory only following the signs and signals from the Universe.

One thing I know for sure that the best is yet to come, all I had to do is follow the light.

Petros Regos

Illuminati Initiate


тhe ιllυмιnaтι callѕ мe Prιnceѕs. ι aм a "verιғιed" parт oғ ιllυмιnaтιam's lιvιng нιѕтory~ V!